3,2,1, DONE!

Posted on: September 10th, 2013

WHAT A TOUR! Ok, so it wasn’t quite a tour. We played exactly three shows. But what shows they were! We felt all wrapped up in love after selling out the Troubadour on Thursday night, with tons of friends and family in attendance. Joey Cape and Hoist the Colors were awesome. We left after the show having lost a lot of sweat but having gained a lot of new friends…as well as the Troubadour’s corkscrew that we accidentally took with us. You can check out some pics and videos here! You can also buy our limited edition Troubadour poster Here!

On Friday, we headed north to Zoey’s in Ventura. There we felt all wrapped up in the ocean breeze, which was an incredible gift since we needed a break from the Valley heat, and finally had a reason to wear our BRAND NEW SWEATSHIRTS!

It wouldn’t be a tour without our visiting at least one Whole Foods (beet juice, anyone?), nor without a little shopping: Johnny bought two record players! We ended our run in Fresno, with a show at Strummers. Our own John Rosen brought the house down at the end of the night with his solo ukelele performance of his original song “Fresno.” Since Rosie brought that house down, we were forced to stay the night at the house of our favorite Fresnan drummer, Dave Raun, for a fitting end to a short and sweet tour. (Well, Dave isn’t short, but he’s sweet.) 

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